I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. I was fond of arts from the very
childhood and got special classes for drawing and design during all my education
period of time. Having made a good progress in my school and university studies, I got
higher economic degree in Moscow economic university.
Successfully working for some government and private companies, I was always
practiced in drawing, designing clothes and interiors.
During my several trips to Italy, being in ancient historic places, museums and temples
of Rome, Florence, Venice and Pompey, I’ve benn in raptures over mosaics and started
to research the techniques to create such a beautiful art. Making pictures from glass
mosaic tile appeared to be very labour-intensive, prolonged and intricate work. I
practiced myself in making pictures from glass mosaic tile, and have been fond of it for
My works are original, made in Rome and Byzantine styles.
Nowadays i live in Arizona. I make pictures from mosaic glass tile, mostly manufactured by Italian brand Sicis, on aluminum sheets using ecological glue and Mapei grout. Imagination lead me from the cosmic works to the meaning of life. One of the unique features of glass mosaic tile is
that the works changing their colors and brilliance depending on the lights and viewing
angle, but the whole imagination from each of them. By the rich colors of Murano smalto
mosaic added glitter of iridescent and gold mosaic tile.
The mosaic tile art means everlasting beauty for the ages!
I am a member of several organizations such as Arizona Glass Alliance, Shemer Art Center, Sedona Art Center, and Society of American Mosaic Artists. I am also a mosaic artist of the Russian Society of Marine Artists (RUSSMA), and Arts Studio at Central House of RA.
Several of my works are exhibited at Shemer Arts Center "Silica Soliloquies Stories in Glass".